Dream Realm – Abstract Field


After dissecting this art, I realized I was the strange blob in the center of the painting, my arms flailing like I was afraid. Above me, cannon balls, explosions, spiritual vehicles and a lot of intense unearthly activity is going on. I need to get to the other side where my cat Merlin is contently waiting, but that dark grass is scary and seems to be preventing me. I have two other options: climb onto the cannon ball, climb up the dead tree and hope it falls over to create a bridge, but both of those options are dangerous. Merlin says, “It’s okay, all you have to do is walk straight ahead through the grass, there is nothing to worry about.” I realize, there is no need to search for alternative routes, I just have to be brave and walk straight through the tall grass, so I painted myself a flashlight to light the way and hopefully to ease my fears of moving forward. Once I reach him, Merlin and I will unite, we will step into the vortex where we can go to the sun.


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