Man With A Gun

Time rolls on
Even though you’ve lost everyone
They’re all gone
so I’m packing up sandwiches and an ak40 gun

Now I’m on the run
I just wanted substance, I wasn’t in it for fun
I just wanted a chance, I just wanted someone
and when it came to romance, I just really wanted some
But I got none

They said Son
when are you going to make your home run
Tell us when you’re done

Well I carried my problems, oh yes I carried tons
I broke my back every season, I carried them strong
but with them I didn’t belong
I brought back my victories, I told them I had won
but to them that might as well be none
to them I’ll never be bright like the sun

My Pa knows I’ll never be the man he wants me to be
and how I’ll never see what he wants me to see
Because I’m just a man with a gun
Just a lonely man with a gun

Does Ma still cry every time she’s thinking of me
thinking, just how I turned out wrong
thinking, maybe I never was her son

I don’t want to get older!
not if that means I have to be alone!
don’t want to live or die
if I can’t be known….
it’s a long hard life on your throne!
and i just really don’t want to be alone

No I don’t want to get older
not if that means I have to be alone
I lost everyone I’ve loved and I’ve lost everything I’ve owned
now you tell me I can’t come home
just a wandering man on his own
forever do I roam

No I don’t want to get older!
not if that means I have to be alone!
I’d rather be a child
forever that you can hold….
Tell me, time will never move on!
Tell me we can go back to the days when your curtains weren’t drawn
Tell me, time will never move on!

So what do I do to prevent time from rolling on
still carrying my problems, still carrying my guns
time has took you from me and it’s taken any hope of dawn
can I really move on
knowing all the people I love
are gone


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I love playing badminton above all else. I also really love water - swimming, soaking in a hottub, spending hours in a steam room or doing polar bear swims. I used to be really into wilderness survival & kayaking, but now I enjoy the finer things in life, like relaxation, comforts, spas, riches and anything pleasant. Poetry and song writing is just how I express myself and cope with life. I have a history of mental illness, eating disorders and addiction, plus I was a cancer survivor. Spirituality and healthy living is really important in my life. My art and novel writing is something I enjoy sometimes but not all times. Some people tell me I should sell it but it's just a hobby. You are more than welcome to support me if you like:

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