Is this love or an obsession?

To Sahm:

I wish you were here

lie with me dear

we’ll forget the outside world

we’ll hold each other and just forget the cold


lost, and all i want is you

frost covered your heart and skin

i will never get through

i’m crying but you won’t let me in


just you and i

why can’t i just die, to find the love of my life

we will be, forever more

i’d let you into my core


Oh, we’ll fall into an abyss together

your lies will hold my tethers

before i fall apart

please keep me believing that we will be together

before i fall apart


I don’t care about anything else

all i want is you

I don’t want anyone else

can’t you see that all i want is you


i never fantasize about anyone else but you


my life is an insignificant muse

you give my only meaning

i need you to heal me, my heart is bruised

I need you

you are the only one i love


I can see you in the wind

my heart is exploding

where, where have you been?

my love, i feel like I am dying


without you my life is empty

and I am broken

lost out at sea

why are we destined to be apart

I can see you, can you see me?

Do you have my heart?


Why, have you left me here alone

why am I on my own


Passion, maybe it scared you away

are we right for each other

it’s all i ever wanted

emotion, maybe it pulled me away

are you feeling the same way too

you are all i ever wanted

ashen, maybe you are away

or am i just crazy?

i still want it

please tell me my love is right and not just an obsession

you are my life

you are my blood and spine

you are mine


please give me a sign


Why can’t we be together

what cruel fate has left us apart

why don’t you want me

why don’t you need me

my dear, please hold my heart

like a sacred, fragile treasure

please treat me

like i am part of you


i would fill you with love

i would fulfill your pleasure


i can’t believe you can’t see that you are more important than life


would you give it all up

just to be mine?

does the rest of the world matter

when you can be mine


Lies, tell me we can be

be mine, don’t break me

tell me, it’s going to be okay


let me believe that we can be together

hold me together with your tethers


I can imagine your pretty face

i bet you are having a lot of fun

please tell me why we had to run

desire, lost, in my own pain

i just want to be alive inside you

i just want to taste you in the rain

i would exist inside you for all my life

stay alive and come to me

you are mine and will always be


it’s so cruel

i can’t make it alright without you

i don’t care if it’s true

tell me one day i’ll be next to you

you are the only thing i’d ever need

please tell me im not crazy

please tell me im not a creep

lonely, over fixated on you

im not overly fixated on greed

tell me im the one you need


if this is love,

i just don’t understand

if there are more than billions of pieces of sand

how would we ever find our two

in one piece of land


if i recall i’ve never met you in my life

but i see you every time i close my eyes

who are you and why do you haunt my every dream

why does it feel like i’ve known you forever

when i am pretty sure i’ve never known you before

i love you and i have no idea who you are

i hear your whispers every time you’re not near

i hope someday you will come to life

i hope someday you will magically appear

i hope someday these dreams will become what are

the hope that sustains me

 i will find you and that is what is keeping me alive


my entire life

passed on by as i sat here waiting for you

i will never love another

do i please you or do i smother you with my love

do i entrance you or am i something you should dispose of

i try to trust that i will see you some day

as a bit of magic throws you my way

if god would ever let me have my way

we would be together in each and every way

my soulmate, my only purpose here is to find you

i know i’ve heard you say before

you are trying to find me too

I know you are right here

I can even see you

but I can’t continue to live my life without you


come on,

I can feel you

I know you can feel me too

I have given you my address

yet you never come to me

i keep trying to walk through mazes to find you

I have given you everything you need

and yet I still can’t seem to find you

I don’t know what else has to be done

please find me

before i come undone


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