I could be amazing somewhere


There could be something else out there


In a parallel universe


Like coins falling out of a purse



I am more than this shell


I’ve lost more than I can tell


We can find the way out of this hell

Or Maybe

I will never get well


If you lose the remote you better beware

You will never be able to escape the glare

You can never reverse

Your tiny world crashes into the universe

You may disperse


I am like grey matter

Static on cable TV

Consumed in a tunnel

And maybe

All I ever wanted was to be


Is just to be, really, really unnecessary?

Am I tiny and insignificant?

Compared to the world, it is a giant

And I am nothing but defiant

A tiny forsaken client

So forgettable…

All of my life

So regrettable


Eating my tail like the Ouroboros

Shedding my petals like a wilted rose

We have to save the world so what do you propose?

I suppose we could falter but no one knows


My heart has grown over with moss

From the tragedy of loss

The world is breaking and we could never run across

We lied to the Boss

Building my jail like the Celtic cross


Resurrecting Horus

Hush now sinners, you can’t tell on us



We are special and we can prevail


We are unique and we can find the Holy Grail


We can catch the thief who stole the world and we can unveil

Or Maybe

We will never escape this jail


Maybe I’m amazing somewhere else


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