Why do you wander past just to disappear

you wait unseen for your life to reappear

why am I so delayed

why is even my reflection away

why am I not inside this mirror

being alone is the only thing I fear

comets falling from my eyes as you leave

I am evaporating into space

And how long have you been fake as you grieve

How long will it be until you are fully erased

Why are you always running in vain

Does time ever stop you, to tell you every place you run to is the same

Why do you think running is an escape from the pain

you have to accept goodbye and wipe away the stain

I am not pessimistic I am just against being naïve

You race from the starting line but never get anywhere when you leave

even when I try I am still running in place

even change is the same thing just replaced

why has your life been stranded by what you believe

and why are you acting like you are relieved

how do our bodies work when we are not here

lost somewhere out here in the atmosphere

Why is moving forward hard to perceive

and why does falling backwards seem to deceive

I’ve seen some man come to life dressed in a coat of leaves

he asked me why i cant see those who are standing near my face

he asked a question, when did you lose faith in yourself and this place

he said, boy, why don’t you take a look at the sky and roll up your sleeves

wipe them tears off your face and just try to believe

maybe once you stop thinking about yourself for once, your soul can be retrieved

why do you always need to rely on someone to save you from disdain

why do you constantly run with an ankle that is sprained

don’t you know, you will only fall harder at the end of the race

why does the world spin and the sun shine while we grieve

I would rather die, he said, it’s waking up from life, and he let out a sigh of relief

At least you see the big picture that life is a dream

But the sun shines, and all the birds know, a tree never dies when it sheds its leaves

You are not standing in one place, you are further than you can conceive

There are no mistakes in life boy, but you still need to believe

You are not a child anymore, son, you’re a big man, and you have the power to create your dreams

And have you ever met the man who uses rainbows to weave

Me and god, well, we played chess for a good hour, in which he said, well you beat me at this game son, and you better believe

You can keep cheating at chess games, you can win against life and if you have hands you can weave

But you will keep weaving the same story, and keep meeting the same twins of your past if you never believe

You’ll be stuck in the same spot wherever you run to, boy, if you never stop trying to leave.

You are always trying to find home wherever you go, whenever you leave

But your home is right here

You may think it’s disappeared

But Son,

your home is right where you left it, inside your heart, wherever you are

Whenever you need


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