is it bright where you are?

is there light in your world?

does the wind vibrate,

opalescent beats of its heart

when you stare at the sky

can you touch its face?

I felt so very far

I touched a shooting star

and I never felt anything

so beautiful before

and I would love to love

I would love to be

the someone else inside of me

some days i am free

but sometimes I am a thief

stealing away… me

in your lightest hour

Are you still a prisoner?

these friends are more like flakes

they crumble and fall away

so I dance with shiny nas cars

they go so fast you can’t see them go

my eyes ensnared with color rows

and i am waiting for the show

but I feel like a thief

with my head in the sky

I pretend to enjoy your alien schemes

do you know your words sail by me

like storms racing rain

Sometimes I wonder why I listen to you

when you never listen to me

where i will serenade my dreams

I pretend to be unlike I am

But I just want to be who I am

with or without dignity

Do you ever get tired?

of not being listened to?

do you see the glaze in their eyes?

it is the form of their lies

because they only ever want to say,

what’s on their own minds

you are such a downpour

of rain so lovely

I roll down your milky way

and when the sun kisses my face

I see your whole life

i see it all change

and I know you

when you don’t know anything

is that strange?

every time you speak

you seem to look past me… right through

but hey

I’m standing right here

sometimes I wonder

if god has left me alone too

if he chooses to ignore

am I so invisible?

Or do you really just not see?

when you are near I feel so alone

I really don’t want to wait

Are you busy again

tying me in pretty bows

and lace

as they talk about love

they gift me fear

am I your higher power in disguise?

Or am I a lonely soul no one can hear

they hand me buckets full

of their sparkling tears

do they bow or do they fall

what is holy is a thief

sometimes I say,

isn’t there something wrong here?

listening to your laughter

an angels cry or a mothers scream

do they even see me there??

or do I just disappear?

Are we friends or enemies?

or learning lessons of change?

they talk about enlightenment.

we dissect what we’ve seen

a sparkling sphere

but then they try to figure out what it means

they try to know the answers to dreams

knowing never heals me

only when I pray

am i free

because they all take one million hours each

to talk about their misery

so no one else gets time to share

these days no one really cares

about anyone else

does it make you happy?

you’re so strange…

no we never really listen when he’s talking

crouching in our nothing places

if only things could change

they float in star bucks

like they are on the moon

watching the world devour its pain

across from each other

not saying a word

and texting

how strange

in another dimension of solace

everyone hungers

to drive our kingdoms insane

your hunger to know

comes from fear alone

you will never get anywhere

as long as you hold onto the right side of your brain

as long as there is fear turning your heart

into hate

is it any wonder I found peace?

they claim to be their own god

salmon swimming against streams

you can be my higher power

steer me through the day

are you following

a divine loving dream?

or are you a master puppeteer?

And why do you have your strings

attached to me?

Does it make you happy?

do you ever achieve anything?

all I ever hear them speak

is about analyzing every thing

you won’t go far if you pray that way

do you think you are some guru?

you can only be spiritual if you have faith

they never want to know how you are

they don’t want you going too far

it’s only about them you ever hear

they say “you seem pretty hostile today”

some days I am patient but some days I just can’t take

some times I spend hours talking with the ancients

some days I would rather escape

is it trickery or is it tact

can I strip out of my cocoon yet

what is the answer if you don’t know the equation

is it any wonder

the secrets that birth this blunder

it’s because I see the mistakes in you that exist in me

that I know I need to get far away

your darkest beauty is in me

if we are all one

and times i do beleive it’s fun

other times i run

but when i stare at you i see me

I notice everything wrong about you and me

Do you believe in me

Do you think I am truthful and trustworthy?????

You think I am an honest person but

Sometimes I see only what I want to see

and I can admit that in honesty

most times I don’t believe

most times i only believe what i think i see

most times i believe what is untrue

so how can i really be honest with you

I can only be as honest as I can be

I can only be honest about the things I think I know about myself

But to tell you the truth

Most of the time I don’t know anything about myself

So how can I be fully right in honesty

I can tell you what I think to be

but I know nothing

for all i am is a thief


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