The Pursuit Of Nothingness

On the quest for happiness

I used to cling to dreams

They were gold and fun and right

No matter how much the captive screams

I am always going to fight


The dreams are always running out of sight


Betrayed by everything that seemed to be true

Just a mirage that manipulated my view

There is no point in wanting

There is no point in dreaming

It will never be enough for you

Even after you succeed

You’ll find there’s nothing left but wanting

You’ll always need

more to prevent the haunting

Always wanting, always needing, always dying just to have something to do

Until the day you realize there is really nothing left to do

Even after you succeed

You’ll find there’s nothing left but want

You’ll never bleed

enough to fulfill that desire

that big empty void that’s designed to push you into the fire

Smoke clouds are billowing

Blinded as you try to find a purpose in everything

But you know it’s nothing

You found a purpose a million times

but it was never what you truly sought

So you traveled to places no one has ever been

and experienced so much you forgot

What’s the point, you forgot everything that was taught

Because you’ll never find happiness in a mind that has any thought

You struggled so long to seek happiness in goals and gold

Until you realized

the only happiness you’ll ever feel comes from inside

When the cities are cold and my body grows old

I’ll be happy as a smart old man

Just sitting and enjoying the nothingness as it rains all over the land

Wanting nothing from something and wanting something from nothing

is a trivial pursuit of man

-Sabrina Geiger


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Poetry and song writing is just how I express myself and cope with life. My art and novel writing is something I enjoy sometimes but not all times. Some people tell me I should sell it but it's just a hobby. You are more than welcome to support me if you would like.

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