Stupid Man

You dragged me up the cliff

just to collect a few drops of water from the disappearing falls

just to take a tiny sip

and you said the water would last you an entire week

and you said you never eat anything, and at first that didn’t bother me at all

but then you looked at me like you thought I was weak


but can’t you see that you are the tallest of the dancing skeletons?

why do you starve yourself stupid man, is it to purify your sins?

you brag about your speed

you brag about your agility

as you dance yourself to death

and you try to take me back to your place, and you ask me if I think you’re pretty

but I can’t see your face because it’s so sunken in, all I see is your misery

Stupid man

you’re too scrawny

stupid man

you need to eat

but you don’t care much about being strong

and you don’t care much about being wrong


Your poor body, look at how you waste it

I know you don’t want me to call you anorexic

you just want to be big and strong

but when you run every second of the day and never eat a thing

you can never get strong

and I know most people don’t realize it

that a man could be anorexic

Stupid man, do you want death?

you know the more you run, the closer you get to it

Yes you are fast

Yes you can outlast

those crazy dancing skeletons

as they chase you

but you’re not Superman

you’re a stupid man

you’re not Superman

you’re just a stupid man

and soon they will catch up to you

Stupid man….


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