Bring on the swarm

I am the tornado, the angry waves, the storm

for you

I am protecting you from the swarm


and here the whole world comes to burn you

and here I come to love you


i hate to see anyone stand alone

so i will stand with you no matter what you are facing

and i will take on your pain so you don’t have to take it on your own

no one deserves to be attacked by a whole army

as they stand petrified and heart broken all alone

so i am going to stand in front of you

you can hide behind me

even if they hurt you, i will cradle your soul

i would die before i let them get to you

i will help you because your soul is beautiful


I will breathe in deeply of that negative energy

and transform it into light

for you


i am a gigantic black screen

cast around you

so you can continue to project your dreams

oh please go be a beautiful person


i will protect you from the world

the world has gone loopy


what is wrong with all of you people

why can’t you see

he made a mistake

but he is hurting and human like you and me


what is wrong with all of you people

why cna’t you see

you’re burning him at the stake

you’re psychopathic, immoral and you live so blindly


if it is truly injustice that you see

then why can’t you see

that harming someone for their mistakes is just as wrong


I will always be the one who sticks up for the minority

I will always be the one who lets them speak

maybe it is because i know how it feels

to have everyone turn against me

or maybe i just have compassion

but as long as I am alive, I swear I will never be

part of the crowd that stones someone just because they were a bully

i will never support the singling out of one person and if I ever do

I hope god betrays me


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