I love the rain

as it washes away lifetimes of shame

soothing my emotions

like a bird, flying away from the nest

I’m opening my heart

no longer traveling in the dark


My ancestors are dancing along this lonely plain

I’m no longer in pain


My soul was injured

and it’s time to let it all soar out of my flesh


No longer harboring this sadness

I am free to let my emotions flow

Like the rain that soothes

It runs down my body

Like a captured bird, I let it go

watch it fly proudly

to its destiny


the innocent unfearing champion

The sunset promises me

comfort at the end of the day

after such a treacherous journey


my ancestors are calling

and I curl up and fall asleep with him by the fire

safe and loved at last

because now we can let our true selves bloom

like a never wilting flower

and the rain falls

ever so lightly falling

and with my ancestors, I am dancing


our escape from our ever so forsaken past

we are strong now

we are proud


I will let this hatred go

The pains and wounds and scars of the past

can heal

on the horizon, I see a rainbow

yielding its treasures of peace and happiness

This struggle isn’t real

and all the soul demons dancing out of me in a line

they scatter away like fleas

I see the ocean

and it calls to me to breathe

cleansing my soul of pain

and here I am

strong and pure

ready to start a brand new day

I won’t be buried by fear

I will live

rising from the grave

I have the whole world

and so much love

just waiting

for me to shine

my ancestors are waiting

for me to catch up

now – happy for eternal lifetimes

it is time

for the rain to take away my fear and hatred

I forgive you and I am free

you no longer bind me

I am sorry for what you did

I am

I am letting you go

in the wind

like a bird, fly away

into your beautiful destiny

like my heart, ever flowering

I can feel compassion

and I want you to be free

I wish you the best

along your journey

as we take our separate ways

and I learn from you

this curse was always a blessing

in disguise

and I am forever grateful

for another chance

to grow and live

for this time, I am love

loving and I have no fear

set free from limitations

my soul soars beyond this place

I am home finally

and I love you and I love myself

like a welcome friend,

I have found forgiveness

















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