Thanks for visiting my art and writing blog.

I’ve dabbled in various types of art and media, everything from oceanscapes to erotic art, so here you’ll find a bit of everything. This portfolio isn’t that organized.

My poetry and song lyrics are just ways that I cope with things that come up in life.

I’m from Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley. I am a spiritual, healthy person that enjoys the finer things in life. I have survived from and recovered from mental illness, eating disorders, addictions, cancer, and a lot of abuse. I had a tough past, and now my life is amazing, mostly due to my faith and unorthodox methods of therapy. My resilience may not be evident in my poems, but that is because I’ve used my poems to express myself.

I have written many novels, but I keep re-editing them, so they aren’t available online right now.

I sell my work sometimes, but mostly this is my hobby.

You can contact me @ s.d.geiger6@gmail.com

If you are interested in visiting my art studio, or buying some of my art, let me know.

If you would like to support me through donations, click here: paypal.me/sdgeiger



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