20170613_092416Big canvas acrylic painting with native art mixed in

20170613_092439The fairy tree painting is acrylics on cardboard.


ET Sirian Warriors

Sirian Warriors

Graphic Design.

This is what the ET Sirian Warriors look like. They are about 7 – 9 feet tall and they have blue light beams shining out of their eye sockets. They are peaceful aliens and communicate through telepathy. During their missions they are peacekeepers and negotiators. In battle they use technology weapons in defense that do no harm, but instead freeze enemies or put them to sleep.

Man Eating Minotaur

man eating minotaur

Graphic Design.


S.D. Geiger



This is Meyrick the Minotaur.

Deep in the woods of the elemental realm, violent Minotaurs live. They are brutal warriors with superhuman strength and sharp hooves. They eat humans and drink blood from goblets as they have great feasts and listen to music in their villages.

To me the Minotaur is symbolic for learning to accept ones inner nature, overcoming fear, befriending ones shadow parts, for he is lustful, murderous and the monster that everyone is afraid of. He can teach us many things.

But looks decieve the eye. The Minotaur, although aggressive and over emotional, is very wise. If you respect him and befriend him he can be friendly, as long as you remember to be calm and compassionate around him so you do not scare him. He loves collecting objects. If you offer him a gift, he will not eat you and will instead give you a gift in return. If you are wise, you would take advantage of his knowledge.