Sparkly Ocean

20170419_171523This acrylic painting is on a very heavy wooden board and has tons of gold flecks and sparkles in it that you can’t really see in the photo.



Mt Washington Village


3 Canvases. Acrylic landscape paintings of Mt Washington Village. My parents live up the mountain the entire winter season so they wanted me to paint this for their cabin. It was my first time painting houses, and although it took forever, I found that I don’t mind painting houses so I may do some more landscape scenes with architecture in the future.



Oceanview Mural

20170419_171317 (1)I painted this on mirror panels and they can be installed flat onto the wall to make it look like windows.


The Estuary


My original Acrylic Painting on 20 x 16 inch canvas. This is a landscape of the Courtenay River Estuary on Vancouver Island, in BC, Canada during autumn.




Emphemeral Truth

As the world rots we are left shredded for stew

In all the things I dreaded

Death is building towers with glue

to collapse on you

As buildings cracked your lies silhouetted the view

I wish I could forget it

to suffer to sparkle anew

wish you could see through

they only want to kill you


The apocalypse was not my intention to do

Neither were you


someone betrays secrets

do you know who?

It seems you’ve forgotten the ephemeral truth

In all the things created

indenting a deity on your view

nothing will save you

death dances with licking flames until he continues

on lashing his advances

and as the world dances

it is quaking its deception of filth to remove all of you

where do you fall when you have nothing to grip onto

when even gravity betrays you

in sordid glances you realize you must have prayed too soon

abandoned frozen martyr

your end is long overdue

I wish it would subdue

But without disaster I cannot move

Everywhere I look the concrete turns its saliva maroon

do you see littered bleeding angels

or are those bodies just a reflection of you

the buildings are trembling

to make love to you

It seems you’ve forgotten the ephemeral truth

In all the things debated

You see no faces of the spectrum

But you see the sea’s whiplashing monsoon

The lie you were living

It is you

brainwashing your existence

sucking you in was something I never wanted to

in the distance what you reach to

is entirely untrue

there are thousands stomping down the moon

but down here

there are only a few


The Cut

thecutThe Cut at Decourcy Island in the Gulf Islands of B.C. Canada. During high tide you can kayak through “the cut” in the rocks but during low tide you can’t get through to the other side of the island, and the only other way to the other side is a dangerous passage near Gabriola. This painting is based on a scene from my 2 week long kayaking trip along the gulf islands.


Yellow Canoe Emerald Lake


Acrylic Painting on canvas copyrighted by Sabrina Geiger. Based on the original photograph by Craig Chapman.


Lewis Tree Gray Days


Acrylic Painting On Canvas Copyrighted by Sabrina Geiger



DSCF0691Acrylic painting on canvas by S.D. Geiger ©


Dog on Beach Acrylic Painting


This is an acrylic painting I’m doing for someone. She wants me to paint in some driftwood, seaweed and starfish but before I make the changes, I’m making myself a print.

Art © S.D. Geiger


Landscape Painting Tribute to Barbara Weibel


Acrylic Painting© By S.D. Geiger.

The model was an original photograph taken by Photographer Barbara Weibel.

This acrylic painting was painted with permission of the photographer, Barbara Weibel.


the glacier



Acrylic Paint

Landscape view from my parent’s house up on Valleyview


Eagle Tree

eagle tree

Painting. Acrylics.

I’ll have to take a better picture of this later because the original background is a vibrant blue, not light blue like this.


Mount Washington

Mount Washington

The beautiful landscape view from our farm in Black Creek.

Pencil Crayon, Acrylic Paints, Graphic Design