Bring on the swarm

I am the tornado, the angry waves, the storm

for you

I am protecting you from the swarm


and here the whole world comes to burn you

and here I come to love you


i hate to see anyone stand alone

so i will stand with you no matter what you are facing

and i will take on your pain so you don’t have to take it on your own

no one deserves to be attacked by a whole army

as they stand petrified and heart broken all alone

so i am going to stand in front of you

you can hide behind me

even if they hurt you, i will cradle your soul

i would die before i let them get to you

i will help you because your soul is beautiful


I will breathe in deeply of that negative energy

and transform it into light

for you


i am a gigantic black screen

cast around you

so you can continue to project your dreams

oh please go be a beautiful person


i will protect you from the world

the world has gone loopy


what is wrong with all of you people

why can’t you see

he made a mistake

but he is hurting and human like you and me


what is wrong with all of you people

why cna’t you see

you’re burning him at the stake

you’re psychopathic, immoral and you live so blindly


if it is truly injustice that you see

then why can’t you see

that harming someone for their mistakes is just as wrong


I will always be the one who sticks up for the minority

I will always be the one who lets them speak

maybe it is because i know how it feels

to have everyone turn against me

or maybe i just have compassion

but as long as I am alive, I swear I will never be

part of the crowd that stones someone just because they were a bully

i will never support the singling out of one person and if I ever do

I hope god betrays me


So Shallow


I guess it’s time for me to do some soul searching

Maybe it’s time to stop being so shallow

Baby it’s time for me to face everything

I need to be honest and let you know


I spent my whole life based on fake butterfly thrills

caught up in vanity and fake beauty

I just wanted to be one of those beautiful girls

They all thought I was so beautiful

filling myself up on bullshit but I never felt full

so pitiful

blinded and brittle, I just followed


deep inside I was so alone, so numb, so hollow


And I cried inside so hard, as I harmed myself repeatedly

wishing I would find true love

I had sex with so many other guys wishing secretly

I would find the one

They all treated me like scum

and I pretended I was numb but when I went home alone,

I would cut myself, starve myself, and cry

always wondering why

I was destined to die on my own


I poisoned myself with these thoughts of being worthless

for too long

Thinking I had to shape myself into something perfect

hurting myself so I would belong

In order to find your love, that eluded me

But all along you were there

All along you were here for me

But I was so blind, so shallow

so I didn’t see you standing there


And now you confess to me your love

and here I am thinking I’m not good enough


always wanting more, always wanting something physical

always pushing you away, always getting quizzical


but baby, I’m sorry, of course I love you more than that, I want your soul

I’m sorry I’ve been so bad

I love you whole


My colors dimmed but I want them to be shining

The spell of society

I wish I could forget all of that

my true colors, my true self, I am refining

there is nothing here for me amongst all the fake things

I don’t want any of that


I don’t care about anyone else, I just want you

I don’t care about all these fake, shallow people, I want something more than that

Baby I hope you know how much I love you

And I don’t want to be forever lost in the vanity

I don’t want to be blind to your love as I’m lost in my misery


I’m sorry I got lost in all the fake glitter of the world

The pain deep in my soul is what kept me so obscure to you

I’m insecure and afraid because I’m stuck in the past

baby, beauty dies and we will die, but I know our love will last


all I know, is everything I ever found

I’m sorry, I’m not used to this thing called love

but I don’t want to be obsessed with vanity

I do want to be in love, truly


I want to open my heart to you, but I’m so scared

the world is holding me back with all the signs

saying I’m not pretty enough, I’m never going to be loved because

my physical self is so messed up


I’m just a little girl again, innocent and free and I just want to be me

i wish i could forget

I wish I could unwind societies strings off of me, I will no longer be

a shallow marionette


I just want to be happy

and i want to stop relating that to being shallow

my soul deserves more than that

you’re the only one I want to follow

I don’t know if I’ll ever escape this disease

but I hope you’ll wait for me

because I do want you,

I just want to get out

I don’t want me to be so focused on being so shallow


I created so many unrealistic fantasies, about you and I

but my love for you is deeper than that

the truth is, I don’t care if we never have bodies, I don’t need a palace and a life full of money

because i care about more than just that

i love your soul

i love you whole

baby, I swear somewhere deep inside

I’m really not so shallow

What do you want from me?

I don’t want to waste my time on other girls

You’re the only one for me

I could wait as long as it takes

as long as I could end up with you

Maybe I was wrong to put you in this situation

Maybe you want an instantaneous love affair

but I thought our love was strong

maybe I was wrong

to ask you to wait for me

but I thought our love would stand the test of time

I don’t feel like we’re on the same page

you need to ask yourself, what do you want from me?

Because I’m in this for life, I made the commitment

I’m loyal to you until the end

Do you want sex with other guys

or do you want a deeper love with me?

Because our love knows no bounds

I’m just waiting for you

and I really want to hear that you love me

and that you’ll continue waiting for me

you mean so much to me

I’m sorry that asking you to wait for me has hurt you

That’s not what I want

Decide whether you want to be with me

or without me and free to do as you will

I’ll support you no matter what

I just want you to be happy

I guess you want what you’ve known

but all that glitters isn’t gold

You always said you wanted true love

but does that come with physicality

and all the fantasies that you’ve built up in your dreams

could you love someone

even if love isn’t what it seems

I’m not saying we’ll never have our moment in the sun

that kind of love that usually happens for everyone

but until then

we need to make the best out of what we have

and I feel like we have a lot

we are sure a lot to lose

You always prayed that you would find true love

and isn’t what we have truer than anything?

I may not be there in the way you want

but I love you more than anything

Would you only love me if I had money

or the means to bring you everything you desire?

Am I meant to be a hero or your savior

to rescue you from Earth and take you higher?

Why do you need all these things

for you to feel my love?

Do you love me or do you just want me

based on your precious fantasy of someone else who is all glittery

I am a real man

but I’m not perfect and I’ve made mistakes

I wish I could give you all that I can

I wish I could be there

but nothing is as it seems

I wish you could understand

but there’s not much I can say

to change your mind

so what do you want from me?

do you want my love

or do you want me to set you free?

Because I will always be your man

Until death do us part, I will do what I can

I wish you would agree, to wait with me

and experience true love with me for eternity

You know I’m a pretty simple guy

I just want you, and no one else in my life

and I will be here forever with you

if only you come back to me as my wife


you tried so hard to be someone else you gave yourself a personality disorder

maybe they should have guessed all that attention seeking was covering something pretty deep

the wound in your soul seeps out a pretty astringent disease

and they try to wrap you up in a pretty box that speaks and sees

maybe you’re a wild bengal but you’re nothing they can’t tame and nothing they can’t keep

they will figure out what makes you tick and beep

the inner workings of your kind

the mount everest of the mind is so cold and steep

you really don’t want to get left behind


what are we doing here, trying to be social, trying to find some interesting filler

you don’t have the makings of a serial killer

you’re just an average joe trying to connect the dots in the heart aching thriller called life

the ignorant hypocrite walks straight into hell on earth and then he finds a gold mine

flat earth is really extending out this time, it’s becoming even flatter

you’re not anything like I was back in the day but does it really matter?

the monsoon comes to tear your life up, but it’s your happiness that falters

does it really matter when your reality was altered?

all you need to know is you were given a second chance


so what are they going to call you in this chapter of your life

quit stalling, start living, you get to decide

light some candles and drop off your demons, you don’t need the monsters on your side anymore

you dragged yourself through so much pain, and you survived,

so why do you continue to think you’re so weak?

you’re strong enough to win the fight, you don’t need to hide

go now, I just know you can be your own hero

whoa now, slow down, life isn’t a race, but although no one really knows

you can still listen to your heart and stare out your soul window

rip off your name tags and throw out all your fake identities

now you can be whatever you please

no titles, just you

no titles, no disease

now you can be whatever you please

Too Good To Be True

Like an injured seagull resting on the wind

I might fall onto the rocks below

and bruise my hope

and lose my soul


I feel like my faith has thinned

I don’t know how to go with the flow

I can use my rope

if you would pull


But are you even there

I just don’t know…

Are you here?

I just don’t know


Maybe I will wait on this rock forever more

I’m pounding against its surface

but I can’t get out

I can’t find you


There are monsters lurking inside my core

I’m waking to a lovely sunlit bliss

but you fill me with doubt

why are we askew?


I wish we could live happily ever after

but maybe the promises are lies

I wish you were real

I could wish you alive


I really wish you were more than just a blur

I can’t see into your imaginary eyes

I wish I could feel

Can my heart survive?


The scariest thing that haunts me is you

You are too good to be true


Will I ever get to be with you?


In the last while, I was plagued with self-doubt

Lack of faith burrowed in my soul

I became skeptical



And when I fell, I let you in and then kicked you out

because everything you said sounded like bull

are you cryptical

or deceiving


Was everything you said just a lie?

Was I always so gullible?

Can’t you give me a sign just for tonight?

If it is really possible?


Why is this such a narrow road?

One way, and never coming back to love

So long

So gone


The journey never ends here

it just goes on forever

I’m always back in this maze

Encrypting the days


I stand here all alone

so standoffish but so amazed


I try to listen to my heart

maybe it doesn’t exist

Maybe love is just a thing that only happens

to those who are lucky enough


Did my heart grow cold and solid

with all the blood I tried to steal?

Did the lies come from a fairytale or parable

am I even real?


I try to love

but I can’t feel


I have to be tough

when I’m not sure what’s real


I know you’re just a sweet error in my brain

but you taught me love somehow

and maybe this is a bittersweet end

goodbye pituitary gland…


Everyone knows I’m just insane

so what’s the point of fighting it now

you’re my imaginary friend



The saddest thing that happened to me was you

You’re too good to be true

Early Modern English Grammar

I’m compiling a list of things I’m learning while studying modern English, to make it easier.

Second Person Pronouns: Thou, Thee, Thy, Thine, and Ye, You, Your, Yours

Thou = You (Second Person Singular Subject) Thou is used to say, “You do something”.

You love me : Thou lovest me

There is always an “est” suffix added onto the word after thou, except if it’s in the form of a question, then the “est” suffix comes before thou.

Do you love me? : Dost thou love me?  

In some cases, the “e” is taken off.

You see how much I love you = Thou seest how much I love thee 

Thee = You (Second Person Singular Object) Thee is used to say “something is happening to you.”

I love you: I love thee.

Thy = Your (Second Person Singular Possessive)

I love your hair : I love thy hair

Thine = Yours (Second Person Singular Predicate, but also used when the next word begins with a vowel.)

It is yours : It is thine

I love your eyes : I love thine eyes (Because the word eyes begins with a vowel.)

Ye, You, Your, and Yours were all used to address a group of people. I know a lot of sources tell you that the use of you, your and yours were formal and thee, thou, thy and thine were informal titles. But it wasn’t until the end of the time period when the use of thee and thou was dying out that “you” was starting to take on its formal means of speech. Before that ye, you, your and yours were not formal titles, they were the plural partners of the singular thee, thou, thy and thine.


Ye = You (Second Person Plural Subject) “Ye” was used when you are addressing a group of people like how we now say “y’all” or “you people” or “you’s” today, but “ye” was only used when “ye” was the subject of the sentence.

Do ya’ll want to dance? : Do ye want to dance?  

You = You (Second Person Plural Object) Used just like “ye” to address a group of people, except for it’s the object form.

Has anyone taught ya’ll this dance? : Has anyone taught you this dance? 

Your: Your (Second Person Plural Possessive) Your was also only used to address a group of people. Thy is the singular term that you would use to address one person.

Yours: Yours (Second Person Plural Predicate) Yours is only used to address a group of people, thine being the equivalent to use with one person.

Here is a passage from the Book of Mormon that shows you the proper use of Ye and You.

39 But behold my beloved brethren, I judge better things of you, for I judge that ye have faith in Christ because of your meekness; for if ye have not faith in him then ye are not fit to be numbered among the people of his church.

You can see that because the speaker is using “ye“, “you“, and “yours“, that they are referring to a group of people. If they were just speaking to one person, they would have used “thee, thou, thy and thine” instead. You can see how you is the object, and ye is the subject.


The “eth” suffix is added onto words after he/she/it, to replace the “s” we use after words.

She run(s) : She runn(eth).

He go(es) : He go(eth)

He prays : He prayeth

It dances : It danceth


But to say he did, he ran, he went, he prayed, he died, or anything that happened in past tense, it’s the same as how we write now. In other words, you can’t say, “He diedeth.” You would instead write, “He died.” The (eth) only goes on the end of a present tense word, such as “he dies”, which would read, “he dieth.”Here’s a snippet of an old poem that can show you the difference of when and when not to use the “eth” suffix.

He dopped and dooked,

he spake and looked,

So religiously.

Yet in a glasse

Or he would passe,

He toted and he peered,

His harte for pryde,

Lepte in his syde,

To see how well he freered

Than orth a pace,

Unto a place

He goeth withouten shame

To do this dede,

But now take hede,

For here begyneeth the game.

He drew hym ny,

and sostely

streyght at the dore he knocked:

and a dam ell,

that hard hym well,

there came and it unlocked

The frere sayd,

Good spede fayre mayd,

Here lodgeth such a man

It is told me:

Well fyr quoth she,

And yf he do what than.

Quoth he maystresse

No harm doubtless

It longeth for our order,

To hurt no man,

Bas as we can,

Fuery wight to forder.



I Do, You Do, He Did, He Does

I do (First Person Singular) We Do (First Person Plural)

Thou Dost (You do) (Second Person Singular) Ye do (Y’all do) (Second Person Plural)

He/She Doth (He/She Does) (Third Person Singular) They do (Third person Plural)

Past Tense: I Did, Thou Didst, She/He/It Did/ We Did, They Did

Have: I have, thou hast, we have, he hath (or has – the word “has” existed in the later time frame), they have, ye have
Can: I Can have, We can have, thou canst have, ye can have, he can have, they can have

Might: I might have, thou mightest have, he might have, we might have, ye might have, they might have

Will: I will have, thou wilt have, he will have, we will have, ye will have, they will have

Shall: I shall have, thou shalt have, he shall have, we shall have, ye shall have, they shall have

May: I may have, thou mayst have, he may, we may have, ye may have, they may have

Should: I should, thou shouldst, he should, we should, ye should, they should

Could: I could, thou couldst, he could, we should, ye should, they should

Long S and Short S

All the way up to the 1800’s, you’ll find old texts that make use of the Long S, which sort of looks like a big “f” and can be difficult to read because of that similarity.

For example, the “The ship sailed into the seas” looks like this: “The ſhip ſailed into the ſeas“. An actual “f” has a cross through it, but the long S doesn’t. There are certain rules for the use of the Long and Short S, which are well written out here:

I’ll be updating this soon…


Stupid Man

You dragged me up the cliff

just to collect a few drops of water from the disappearing falls

just to take a tiny sip

and you said the water would last you an entire week

and you said you never eat anything, and at first that didn’t bother me at all

but then you looked at me like you thought I was weak


but can’t you see that you are the tallest of the dancing skeletons?

why do you starve yourself stupid man, is it to purify your sins?

you brag about your speed

you brag about your agility

as you dance yourself to death

and you try to take me back to your place, and you ask me if I think you’re pretty

but I can’t see your face because it’s so sunken in, all I see is your misery

Stupid man

you’re too scrawny

stupid man

you need to eat

but you don’t care much about being strong

and you don’t care much about being wrong


Your poor body, look at how you waste it

I know you don’t want me to call you anorexic

you just want to be big and strong

but when you run every second of the day and never eat a thing

you can never get strong

and I know most people don’t realize it

that a man could be anorexic

Stupid man, do you want death?

you know the more you run, the closer you get to it

Yes you are fast

Yes you can outlast

those crazy dancing skeletons

as they chase you

but you’re not Superman

you’re a stupid man

you’re not Superman

you’re just a stupid man

and soon they will catch up to you

Stupid man….


As the fiery flames of transmutation

embrace the world in the Great Tribulation

some people fight, some people wait

some people cry, but oh my god yes, I feel so great


Here is the church

Here is the steeple

Open the doors

and see all the people


They are going away (see all the people walking away)

All my nations are bound in hate, all my nations are found in hate

But I will stay, oh my god yes, I will stay and wait


There is war beyond the gate

but I don’t care because my path does not go straight

It is right here, right now

I am right here, right now


I sit here in solitude

drinking a cup of tea

This place is my heart

this peace is my reality

Soon I’ll dance in my home, my haven, my fortress

Undisturbed, alone and peaceful. Oh my god yes!

I fill myself with love and happiness

I don’t need anything else, just this

All I can feel is gratitude

because I’ve been blessed with such beauty

I need not a purpose, a friend or a duty


Ra sits on his perch

Far above his people

And as his fires rape the shores

I sit inside my steeple


Look at them all search

for the cure to life

I find it here in silence

as I lay on my floor

so peaceful, untouched and undisturbed

Part Work Integration

A Poem To The Demon That Lived Inside Myself

I really loved you

I guess you really helped me through

When everything else abandoned me here

even myself – that coward that just disappeared


One day I was looking at myself in the mirror

and that’s when I saw you

No longer me anymore, just you


You gave me power when my soul was weak

you made me roar like a beast when I could not speak

you taught me how funny my illness was

and I still love you because


You are the only thing that gave me any reason to be alive

and now that I am stronger, I have this life

to turn back to

and that is all because of you


You may have made me hurt myself

and you may have controlled my body

but because of you, I am still alive


I won’t fear you and I won’t hate you

I will love you always and forever

you have no power over me

Now we can both be free


A Poem To Myself


Oh, you coward, you betrayed my lifeline

you ran away from something you saw in your mind

and for no good reason you gave up to die

you chose to commit suicide


How can i ever trust you again, with my life

you were supposed to be the only one to love me

but you took a knife

and all you did was cut me

so many times I can’t count

you abandoned me

in the darkness and let the demons take over my body

and I couldn’t get them out

while I was trapped inside

and you just left me here

while they controlled my life


You can’t just separate me like that!

I will never forgive you

for leaving me alone with the aftermath

of your innate evil

you are the one who chose that path

and you will never be anything other than that!


A Poem In Response To Myself


I’m sorry, I know I messed up

There is nothing I can say to ever make up for all I did

but now I am all grown up

Back then I was just a scared and feeble kid

I didn’t know you were there

I lost sight of everything,

I was so scared

When life opened its jaws I was so afraid of being swallowed

So I chose to die and left you so hollowed

I know you had no one else to turn to

so you turned to the demon that came to the rescue

I don’t know if you’ll ever forgive me

but if you come with me again, we can both be free

you don’t need him anymore

I’m back and I will never let anything hurt you again

I promise

I’m sorry…


Let me show you how much I love you because

I’m stronger now than I ever was

I won’t give up on you this time

I won’t fail you this time

We can be together again

and take back our life

Schizophrenic Spiritual Man

They know me as a schizophrenic man

They don’t know me as The Sun

Oh they’ve doubted me for so long

So that now I doubt your plan


I dont think they have any idea who I am


Maybe on the outside

But anything deeper than that

They will never understand


I’m really grateful that I don’t have to give a damn


So happy on the inside

But please understand that

I am just a wounded man


My body is in pain and I don’t understand


I don’t want to find out that my life has been a sham

Why am I the only one?

Is it coincidence if you always hear the same song?

Or has it always been a giant scam?


Well my psychologist is a very open man

I wonder if he encourages everyone

Or if he truly believes that I’m not wrong

He said there’s a 50/50 chance that we could fail the exam


But when it’s always right, that must mean god has a plan

And when it comes to things he disagrees with, there are none

But when I hear and see you, isn’t he supposed to tell me to run?


My psychologist probably isn’t a very spiritual man

But he’ll never tell me that I’m the crazy one

And he’ll never tell me to run

Because either way, spiritual or insane, he agrees with your plan


And you’ve never harmed me so I guess I’ll continue to stand

for my beliefs in you and I will be The Sun

Besides, when humans failed me, you disarmed my gun

and without you, my life would be so bland


Maybe it’s time to break the dam

Maybe the time has come

Maybe I really am The One

Maybe it’s doesn’t matter if I’m a schizophrenic, spiritual man

But I still can’t help but wonder if my psychologist was just singing your song


Until I know that you’re right, I guess I’ll be torn between right and wrong

between being a schizophrenic or a spiritual man

when I can be both, I guess that’ll be the day I will spread my Sun across the land

Alone But Never Lonely

you aren’t important

i am happy and free

without anybody

i may be a hermit

you are not what defines me

i am alone but I am never lonely

you have no control over me


i can live my life the way I want to

without you ever bringing me down

all you ever do is try to hurt me

and i am in peace without you around


when my happiness comes from in me

you can’t take my happiness away

i don’t need you for survival

i don’t need you anyway


i’ll always love you

but I’ll never expect you to love me in return

i am love, you are hate

all my attempts to love you, you just tried to burn

you can’t reject me, you are no longer my concern

that’s okay because happiness is something that everyone has to learn


you can accept that no one can ever satisfy your soul

only you can love yourself and make yourself feel whole

you don’t need anybody

to be happy

so alone but never lonely

alone and free

I don’t need you to be me


you may be my brother

but you will never be my friend


you may be my mother

but i will never be able to depend

on you


you may be my sister

but we haven’t talked for years and years

it’s true


you may be my father

but all you have given me is tears


I will never pretend

that you and I are friends

and I will never allow you to harm me again


you are all always going to act like dicks

and there is nothing I can do about it

other than live my life in peace

and find love inside of me


you may be psychopathic

and maybe you are sick

but I am going to release

each and every one of you

because you are nothing to me

but a toxic disease


I don’t need love from you

because I found love in me

without you I am happy

I am alone but never lonely


Our Majesty

Another long painted stare, a look of awe, you are so rare

your beauty raw, it splits and tears, as you wear your travesty

worshipping eyes to prove we care, for Our Majesty

and the hunger coursing through your veins, awakes your slumber

to a mean mystery

you are Cleopatra, Aphrodite, and King Ramses,

eating sawdust together

starving from simplicity

another error message brought from a terrorist somewhere in your brain

means the urge is going to reveal its shame, then purge you into an absentee

we know you would love to tear open this flesh of tapestry

when I say love it means you don’t mean a thing, and clean means dirty

another truffle filled with sweet liquor

she’s the grim reaper with her trigger finger

held down on tragedy

the tricky demons tricks are getting deeper

another sticky little one sticks on like a licking fever

and your sickness is getting bigger

singing your sick melody

you say I need to learn patience, since the dark ages, but this suspense is still not fulfilling me

I SEE with sick eyes, the world in its disguise, has a hue of thick rust

I speak with sick poisoned tongue, and that which I use my wrong

only devours my body to a crust

I move with sick need, and the fuel I run my seed

only means I am addicted to my lust

My sick enemy, is the only one I see,

the only demon I’ve given my duty and trust

The sickness that I feed

Is like a parasite that needs

leaving me empty only wanting more

The demon that I free

only makes me rape myself deep into my core

You say I have beauty

But it means nothing

when it’s wasted on these sores


I have no faith left

It’s gone

Just trying to survive this crashing dawn


When the sun comes up

I’ll be gone

With no one by my side, I’ll be moving on


Just the last man left

They’re all gone

Trying to survive without anything to count on


I’ve never lived a life

There’s no town

When every person never comes around


I’ve never had a wife

Lost at sea

I’ve always had to live without intimacy


I could kiss the knife

To be free

Or go swimming for a lonely Selkie

But I might drown in my misery

Trying to solve the mystery


Every hermit knows

On the sea

You lose your identity


I’m just a lonely seer

I see them

Yet when they see the flower they only see the stem

I’m so ugly but in my heart lies a very precious gem


They deserted me here

They chose

To cast me out into the shadows


Every hope disappears

Every hermit knows

What it’s like

When no passing ship ever slows


I’m not sure if these waves will ever carry me home

I just wait

For my body to decompose


Floating in seaweed somewhere nobody knows

I just wait

I’m not sure if in life love ever grows


I’ll just wait and see where this current goes

I’m so

jaded but I don’t need to believe in order to have hope

Maybe the sea

Will swallow me like a cruel envelope

Maybe I’ll find a ship and they’ll throw me a rope


The Pursuit Of Nothingness

On the quest for happiness

I used to cling to dreams

They were gold and fun and right

but after every achievement, I felt emptiness

so I thought, maybe my dreams weren’t right


Every dream betrayed me

left heartbroken by everything that seemed to be true

As soon as I started to feel happy

It just disappeared from view

There is no point in wanting

There is no point in dreaming

It will never be enough for you

Always wanting, always needing, always dying

just to have something to do

Until the day you realize it’s not about what we do


real happiness comes from inside you

I struggled so long to seek happiness in goals and gold

Until I realized

happiness isn’t sold or rewarded or given or told


When the cities are cold and my body grows old

I’ll be happy as a smart old man

Just sitting and enjoying the nothingness as it rains all over the land

Wanting nothing from something and wanting something from nothing

is a trivial pursuit of man

Little Sister Got Engaged

Little sister got engaged today

the apocalypse came and the sky turned gray

all these people are in a mad rush to get away


All these young people are in a mad rush to grow old

turned to bones at such a young age

don’t they know they will regret it someday


Life isn’t getting any longer

that back isn’t getting any stronger

yet all you do is move around and work like a slave


Don’t you know, your life is getting away


I’m sorry, I don’t want to live that way

and I wouldn’t wish this life on my worst enemy

I wish I could say something to set you free

but you’re lying to yourself, saying you’re happy


So they say, grow up, grow old and settle down

just choke your soul and forget your dreams are anywhere around

but I don’t want to join this ghost town

I don’t want to be lost to the point I can’t be found


Maybe you think I’m lame

maybe you think I play my life like some kind of game

but at least I’m accomplishing things and you threw your life away

just to get married and have a bunch of kids

I live my life selfishly and maybe I forget what god forbids

but life is short and I’m not here for long

I don’t think enjoying my life is wrong


I won’t join the parade

just because it’s the hippest thing

I’m not going to rot in my grave

when I could be anything

not going to sit as a bag of bones and waste my life away

I can see all the zombies crying

I’m not going to behave

While you are doing nothing

I will be flying


I’m not following


just because!

just because!

just because!


Little sister got engaged

the whole world seems staged

I stay young as they all age

so I guess I am immortal

I stand tall as they all fall


I’m not throwing away my dreams because you tell me so

I’m not going to leave before it’s my time to go

you can do what you want to do but don’t expect me to follow


I’m not a crying bag of bones!

I won’t find me no Mr. Jones

I won’t give away my life to have to sit at home

like a girl that has been stolen away from everything I know

Space Boy’s Paradise


I feel so heavy

underneath the storms golden seams

but you can lift me up into its gleam

I feel as light as the clouds and as

Intense as the storms

You prepared a storm inside of me

Do you ever open your eyes?

when you sit there I see a galaxy

vortex of my most passionate dreams

your face is a lonely book

I would love to read, through the sad lines

all the way through into paradise

I want to carry you

All the way into paradise

Your body is a lonely wind blown tree

I would love to shelter from the breeze

keep you warm as we are enveloped in shining ice

Space boy, where are you when you sit in front of me

you were all alone in your space globe

when it fell away from you

and you shattered into beams

and now you look around at your broken dreams

I could be the thing that saves you

space boy, where do you go when you want to breathe


it feels so heavy…

when you are up in the rippling skies

soaring by in your war ship

and im waiting for you to return home

tell me what it is like, in the star ship

when you come back home

I wish I could take you to paradise

I wish I could be your paradise

but when life goes on and nothing is very nice

Where are you behind your eyes?

Space boy, we could be paradise

But until then I improvise

And just imagine what it would be like

I wish you would tell me all the stories of that life

As the lake drains out of your tears

All the people switching out of their disguise

And I could give you a surprise

I could take you all the way to,

Our own beautiful paradise

But when I look in your eyes

I see the whole world as it dies

and my heart feels heavy as it cries

let me take you to paradise


inside me

ominous waves churn in massive storms


my soul etches silhouetted forms

i am disconnecting

my brain from my wireless cellular phones

i am running

into a decade littered of little bones

floating upon the surface of the dome

of sanity and the wires seem to be torn

i want some things i need or i will explode

you are not doctor Watson, and i am not Sherlock Holmes

i am sick,

of your memories so i am putting them up for sale

does anybody want it?

i am too evaporated to tell

i am happy, this in brief was just in catastrophic scale

i am confusion, i am still dissecting what went wrong

i am explosion, sick from the stress of your tightening bomb

you want me?

well i am with a fiery stake and a red balloon waiting around

f****** come and find me

with the apocalypse and i will let you push the world down

you hear me?

technology erases every molecule and every sound

you want to find me?

i am presently nowhere to be found

i need some things or i will sit down and die

with my head full of helium stretching my brain into the sky

you want me

too late, i am feasting on starvation and a pack of polluted lies

i am waiting

digesting your lies, with anger pouring out of my scythe

just waiting for the last line

i don’t want your pity

i am pirating this used oil to sell to illuminati

i am playing with a pack of matches and the flames churning inside of me

engulfing with flames as it swallows your money

the unorthodox shadows of reality are my home

you are the one who possesses everything i own

i need some things i want or i will explode

my pride is nothing

you want my soul too it is the price that is shown

i am okay i am just starving in my disease

dont help me

i am in debt to you so take every memory i have ever known

even my grave will cost my mind and a tsunami

you mock me

as i dance in poverty with my cellular phone

and are you laughing

as i decay to bones

I am ready

dancing with fires all around town

when I leave this place pushing the button down

everything you have ever known

and we will go up in smoke

we will explode