Captain Donnis and Rolfie

captain donnis and rolfie

Digital art cartoon/illustration of Paul McGillion and David Mazouz as Captain Donnis Starling and the cabin boy Rolfie (characters in my fantasy novel).


Cave Boy


This is one of my personal favorites and unfortunately, it’s very hard for me to photograph the beauty and detail in it, mostly because it’s so large and even the best lighting never captures all the colors properly. Close up you can see very intricate details like fur and cave art on the walls, and I even hid the famous and disturbing Birdman of Lascaux somewhere in there.

This was painted with many layers of watered down acrylics on hard wood panel.


Mt Washington Village


3 Canvases. Acrylic landscape paintings of Mt Washington Village. My parents live up the mountain the entire winter season so they wanted me to paint this for their cabin. It was my first time painting houses, and although it took forever, I found that I don’t mind painting houses so I may do some more landscape scenes with architecture in the future.





20170424_093603 (1)

This is a tribute acrylic painting based on Jonny Armstrong’s wildlife photography.

Every once in awhile I come across these amazing photographers who capture these phenomenal scenes, so I contact them and ask them if I can turn their photograph into art.

This is Jonny Armstrong’s original photograph and his website here.

jonny armstrong

The Cut

thecutThe Cut at Decourcy Island in the Gulf Islands of B.C. Canada. During high tide you can kayak through “the cut” in the rocks but during low tide you can’t get through to the other side of the island, and the only other way to the other side is a dangerous passage near Gabriola. This painting is based on a scene from my 2 week long kayaking trip along the gulf islands.